5th – 7th Grade Concert Info!

5th – 7th Grade Band AND Choir will be performing on December 9th at 7pm at Livingston Classical Academy. CALL TIME (when students have to be there) is at 6:30pm. Each Grade will report to a designated area, will be tuned, and will then report to the stage in their cafeteria.

CONCERT UNIFORMS = Due to a problem with supplies for polos, our concert uniform will be our school uniform. Please wear a darker top with dark bottoms. As with the school uniform, tennis shoes are not permitted, and please do not wear white socks!

Q&A = “Due to another event, I have to miss the concert, what should I do?” First, inform Mr P immediately of the conflict! Your friends are depending on you to play AND this is a grade. Second, there will be a make up assignment to choose from to receive credit for the missed performance. Bands, Choirs, Orchestras, etc., are performing ensembles and you are depended on to support your friends in the ensemble just like you depend on them. Do you best to make it to the performance, thanks!

Welcome To Ivywood Music!

Greetings and welcome to Ivywood Classical Academy and the Music web area for our school. On these pages you will find learning resources for each grade level. These pages will be updated and changed as new songs, activities and events are introduced. If you need to get in contact with Mr Penderel (Mr P), he can be emailed at seanpenderel@choiceschools.com